Lexington in September: I Hear It’s Lovely

As of last week, it is official! I’ll be teaching 9th and 10th grade English Language Arts at Lexington Christian Academy (LCA) in Lexington, MA. I am taking on one section of Freshman Language and Composition, where we’ll focus on building and developing the writing skills that will carry them through their high school careers, and three (one honors and two college preparatory) sections of World Literature, where we’ll tackle works by authors from around the globe. With LCA’s small class sizes, diverse student body, and administration and faculty commitment to innovative, project-based learning, I anticipate this being a genuine pleasure.

Among many other excellent things, my time at LCA thus far has demonstrated to me how seriously the faculty and student body take multimodal composition and digital literacies, which is hugely significant for me. In addition to the already stellar curriculum lineup that I’ll be using in my classroom, I will have the opportunity to work with one of my colleagues on developing a school-wide blogging initiative that will challenge LCA students to develop their digital literacies and allow me to vent some of my passion for educational blogging (discussed at some length in this recent post). I am looking forward to a year of hard, but rewarding work in the areas of classroom instruction and curriculum design with a group of people who seem to share my passions and proclivities.

Although teaching at a small, private school was very much not my plan or what I expected, I am deeply honored and excited to be joining LCA’s dedicated faculty this fall. It will be a new and unique challenge to pursue rigorous scholarship in a context that also asks me to integrate my faith life into that scholarship. In many ways, I am not entirely sure what to expect. Luckily, I have the entire summer to prepare myself mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, which I plan to do to the best of my abilities!


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