Farewell, Newburyport!

Last week was the final day of my student teaching practicum at Newburyport High School! What a ride it has been. NHS has been an immense growing experience for me; I have learned so much with regards to my pedagogy, classroom management style, and professional conduct. Although I am truly going to miss my wild and wacky students and the incredibly capable, committed, and compassionate faculty, I am also so excited to begin this next phase of my career path. I hope to take the skills and strategies learned during my time at NHS and apply them to my own classroom in ways that reflect my personal style and philosophy of education.

As part of our farewells on my final day, my students and I spent some time in each of my classes sharing our experiences over the past few months and reflecting on our times together. We were able to debrief, laugh, and wish each other well before parting ways. In the infinitely eloquent words of one of my favorite rabble rousers, “We’re pretty annoying. Good job dealing with us!! You legit made us DO things.” So that was profoundly fulfilling? In all seriousness, though. The kind and encouraging words from students who were in the classroom with me day in and day out are just as meaningful and inspiring to me as the faculty’s reviews and letters of recommendations.

And so, with laughs, snacks, and heart-warming cards from both faculty and students (see below), my time at NHS has drawn to a bittersweet close. I am poised and ready for the next chapter!





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