The Bulletin Board Passion Continues

I have mentioned my deep passion for bulletin boards in a prior post. Although I recognize that this blog’s current ratio of frivolous posts to posts containing some legitimately scholarly or professional content is a little high, I spent yesterday afternoon creating my most recent board and I couldn’t quite refrain from sharing it!

My cooperating teacher at Newburyport High School, Deb Szabo, is heavily involved in the school’s literary scene, leading their slam poetry team, coordinating their annual literary journal, promoting various writing competitions and workshops, and teaching their creative writing elective. To help her facilitate these diverse activities, she was given the use of a massive bulletin board in the school’s front foyer. This bulletin board, The Writer’s Block, was the victim of my undivided attention for a borderline obscene number of hours yesterday. Behold!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

That small, blonde lady in the last photo is my mum, who I’ve blogged about before and who volunteered as my bulletin board buddy yesterday afternoon. My number one bulletin boarding tip is to always board with a buddy! It makes for the best boards.


Thanks, mum!



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