Bulletin Boards: My True Passion

People go into teaching for all kinds of reasons. Some do it for the love of the kids, the camaraderie with other educators, or the summer vacations. My reasons for entering this profession are complex and numerous; however, if I’m being honest in my self-reflection, there’s a chance I’m largely in it for the bulletin boards.

I love making bulletin boards. So very much. Fortunately, I think I am finally entering the phase in my career where the opportunities for bulletin boarding are starting to crop up regularly. And I have never been more ready.

I will almost definitely be sharing most of my bulletin board creations on this blog, so I would like to set the precedent for that trend by posting a few photos of my most recent board: SSU’s Writing Intensive Curriculum program board.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here’s hoping that the world has many more bulletin boards needing my imminent attention!


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