Tricks of the Trade: Markers at the Ready

My second week as a student teacher at Newburyport High School is drawing to a close! I’m really enjoying getting to know the NHS student body, and I’m learning all manner of teacherly things. While I very much plan to blog in depth with regards to some of the more insightful or complex lessons I am learning in my time at NHS, one of the teacherly tricks I recently learned was just too elegantly simple to delay posting. This pearl of wisdom comes straight from the classroom of my very own cooperating teacher, Deb Szabo (you can read about some of her work in this Boston Globe article).

Deb Szabo has taught me many things in our first few weeks together; however, the thing I cannot quite get past is an amazing whiteboard marker trick. Deb always leaves her array of markers upside down and leaning against the white board like so:


Not only does this mean that her rainbow marker selection is always displayed for passers by, it also means that the marker ink drains to the tip of the marker! The result? Super dark, rich markers that write with enough contrast to be clearly read from the back of the room! The markers also last much longer and are always at the ready! Genius.



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