Newburyport Bound!

The verdict is in! For my student teaching this Spring, I’ll be joining Newburyport High School’s (NHS) English Department.


Image Courtesy of Newburyport High’s Library Site

This will definitely be a different experience from my time at Lawrence High School (LHS) and I know I am going to miss the LHS students like crazy, but I am looking forward to getting the chance to work with a new student group with their own unique strengths and struggles. I have yet to be assigned a supervising teacher; however the teachers I met with from NHS all struck me as incredibly innovative, insightful, and skilled educators who were passionate about multiethnic literature, digital literacies, and student engagement. It even sounds as though they might be up for incorporating some Arab women’s literature into their lessons, which makes my heart skip more than a few beats! Based on my brief interactions with the staff at NHS, I feel very sure that this student teaching experience is going to be incredibly formative and productive for me as a teacher.

I also could not be more excited to get back into a high school classroom. I am so grateful for the opportunities I have had while in my degree program at Salem State, but I really feel that my brain is reaching a max capacity for theoretical knowledge. If I don’t get the chance to put some of this theory to work soon, I am afraid it is all going to solidify into an unusable block of information. Fortunately my time at NHS is right around the corner and I could not be more excited!