Pay Me in Mangu

I don’t think anyone goes into teaching for the cash. For those of you who were considering it, let me save you some hassle; it’s not a particularly lucrative field.  While it has been daunting to watch my engineering paycheck dwindle into a high school teacher’s salary, I can honestly say that, what my job lacks in financial incentive, it makes up for in a host of other ways.

I am not entirely sure that it is possible to itemize or quantify the kinds of benefits that come packaged with this line of work.  They range from a kind note from a supportive coworker to snow day glee that rivals that of my own high school years.  Personally, I find my happiest compensation comes from my smart and hilarious students.  Sometimes they give me the best nicknames (O.G. Kelley – the Original Gangster, Elsa, Miss Frozen, D-Money, Miss K-Swag.  It’s an embarrassingly long list).  Sometimes they abruptly understand something I say and ignite with possibility. Sometimes they stop by their local bodega on the way to school, pick me up some mangu for breakfast, and bring it to my first period class so I can try the breakfast they love.

Fact: this is my new favorite breakfast.

Fact: this is my new favorite breakfast.

One of my major goals is to stay sensitive to the small, non-monetary ways in which I am compensated for my work.  My paycheck is minimal, but the love, fun, and community I enjoy with my fellow teachers and students would dwarf any paycheck anyways.  The list of ways in which my work is quietly and warmly rewarded is endless, but, in a way, I think the mangu says it all.


8 thoughts on “Pay Me in Mangu

  1. Anne says:

    Miss Frozen…. BEST NICKNAME EVER. I love that you have a post about the real compensation teachers get. It’s sad that our society doesn’t value that kind of compensation, but anyone going into teaching should! Also, you sound like an amazing teacher/ future teacher, so teach me your ways ASAP please. =)

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  2. Aunt Clara says:

    My mother was a teacher, and for a while she was a teacher at a tiny rural school. On weekends she would go back home loaded with vegetables, eggs and the occasional live hen. It was endearing and hilarious.

    Teachers are my favorite people.

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  3. Julia says:

    Awww, that’s adorable! It testifies to how much they care about you that they want you to like the things they like…so you must be doing something right!

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  4. Danah Rae says:

    It’s definitely my favorite thing I’ve ever been called. And, as of now, my ways are suuuuper experimental. When I find something that definitely works, I will let you know!


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